The Power of the Seed

Teresa Poucher  The average person doesn’t think much of seeds.  Nonetheless, they are vital to our existence.  Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner in the United States, possessing 269,000 acres.  Think about it…  We need our farmers.  Our lives are dependent on them.     Now that we are thinking about the necessity of seeds, what about the spiritual application?  The word “seed” isContinue reading “The Power of the Seed”

Safety Zone

Teresa Poucher   I grew up as an army brat.  Some of my earliest memories were in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  I was four years old, and I would go to a motorpool* with my two older brothers when it wasn’t in use.  For some reason, we called it the “Safety Zone.”  It was there we danced around, cooling off on those hot summer days.  I loved to turn on the water to those skinny hoses and watch them flying through the air.    LifeContinue reading “Safety Zone”

Small Things

Teresa Poucher Funny how something small and seemingly insignificant can have a profound impact on us. I read of a troubled teen who wrote, “Someone smiled at me today; I won’t kill myself.”     Can a smile bring hope and solace?  Yes, and it is proven:“When you smile, your brain releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides 1 to help fight off stress. ThenContinue reading “Small Things”

How Important is Your Name?

Teresa Poucher Names are so important. Parents will go to great lengths to find the correct names for their children.     Many names invoke certain impressions or judgments in our minds. For example, when one hears the name of “Benedict Arnold,” we immediately think of a traitor. We associate honesty with “Honest Abe.” We think of strength when we hear the nameContinue reading “How Important is Your Name?”

What’s That Smell?

Teresa Poucher   Have you ever walked into a hair salon while someone got a perm?  ‘Not a pleasant scent.       Now walk into a store or a home with fresh cookies baking, and voila!  You may be taken back to Grandma’s house enjoying fond memories of her.   While we have five senses, our sense of smell is the strongest when it comes to evoking memories. An aromaContinue reading “What’s That Smell?”


Teresa Poucher   I remember a little boy named Charlie; he was maybe four years old.  He would pretend to baptize his sister in Jesus’ Name, as we preach.  One day, he had his hand on what he called a microphone and preached.  He pointed up and said, “castles in heaven,” then pointed down and said, “castles in hell.”   I listened to a sermon on YouTube just theContinue reading “Castles”

Is There a Shortage?

Teresa Poucher Have you been shopping lately?  ‘Reminds me of an approaching hurricane:  Good luck finding bread, chips, or batteries!     We have ships lined up to the dock, and stores are out of supplies. ‘Makes me think of the Israelites in the wilderness: There was no food on the shelves, water was scarce, and not anContinue reading “Is There a Shortage?”