Spiritual Thirst

Teresa Poucher One can go 21 days without food, even longer. Some have survived 60 days without food. Going without water is another story. By the time you feel thirsty, you are already starting to dehydrate. Signs of dehydration in adults: Muscle fatigue,• Reduced cognitive processing• Dizziness• Confused or dazed states of awareness• Thirst• InfrequentContinue reading “Spiritual Thirst”

I Can’t Breathe

Teresa Poucher Seems like everywhere we go we have to wear a mask. I’m glad I don’t have to work in public and wear that mask all day.   Most masks make it difficult to breathe.  The majority of us were born breathing without complications.  Something so simple has become threatening.  Fear grips hold of some to the point of notContinue reading “I Can’t Breathe”

Mountains, Valley’s, Wilderness And Plains

Teresa Poucher Our life is a journey through mountains, valleys, plains, and wilderness areas. Awhile back I had a post: “Why am I in the valley again?” In that post, we learned many times, we are in the valley to pick something up. Today, I want to go where many people are right now —Continue reading “Mountains, Valley’s, Wilderness And Plains”

Does Nakedness Affect Your Hearing?

Teresa Poucher    Many times, when one goes to the doctor, he’ll say, “Get undressed and put on this gown.”  At that moment I seem to have a hearing deficit.  I didn’t hear what the doctor said, I just want my clothes back on.  I know it’s not always true, but usually, the doctor waits until you have your clothes back on before he lowers the boom or gives youContinue reading “Does Nakedness Affect Your Hearing?”