Spell Check

Teresa Poucher Who hasn’t sent a message when autocorrect changed the whole meaning of your subject matter?  That could be dangerous.  I’m very grateful for spell-checking technology.  My spelling is so bad at times, it isn’t even close enough to recognize what I’m trying to say.     While I’m grateful for autocorrect, I don’t care to be corrected in front of others.  It can beContinue reading “Spell Check”

Wish Lists

Teresa Poucher   Many of us have an Amazon account.  If not, you may sometimes get a friend to order things for you.  Since you probably have an account, you most likely have a wish list.      ‘Sure does make it easy at Christmas or birthdays.  Perhaps you won’t tell someone what you want, but you can always add it to your list withoutContinue reading “Wish Lists”

I Can’t See – It’s Dark

Teresa Poucher “…For we walk by faith, not by sight…” (II Corinthians 5:7)     I enjoy sleeping in a dark room — no night lights for me.  ‘Matter of fact, I put black tape on my standby lights.   I’m at that age where I take bathroom breaks at night. Still, no lights. I almost want to sleepwalk so I can fall right back to sleep.    InContinue reading “I Can’t See – It’s Dark”

Are you Feeling under Pressure?

Teresa Poucher Pressure canning is a wonderful way to preserve food. I recently made chicken salad with chicken I had canned seven years ago.  I realize that might seem scary to some, but it was yummy. Today you may feel like you have been in a pressure cooker, crammed into a jar that was much too tight. The lid was locked,Continue reading “Are you Feeling under Pressure?”